Gernot Hoffmann MCSA
Software Developer & Database Architect

Professional software maker since 1996.

The specialization in food hygiene and safety started in 1997 under contract by ECOSAN Hygiene GmbH for making the software ”Euro Hygieneplan 98”.

The software ”Euro Hygieneplan 98” was successfully implemented at many big companies in Germany. By making the 1st level support for the end-customers over many years, I learned a lot about the conditions within big kitchens.

Fortunately, some additional projects for other application areas were taken into account. For instance, I essentially participated in a software project for LTU-Touristik GmbH. This software was designed for capturing and transmission of contract information around the globe and around the clock.

A wide range of experiences went into account by a project for Henkel-Ecolab in the years 2000 to 2004. Subject was the development of a standardized process for making hygiene plans. As everybody knows, getting all Europeans on board is always a challenge. For this reason, this project was a fundamental base for building my expertise for international projects.

Starting in year 2001, an order from CBC Deutschland GmbH brought additional expertise about medical care systems. It was a software project about calculation of consumption data of medical machines by finally making comparison reports for finding the best solution.

The foundation of Gernot Hoffmann Software GmbH and the registration of my brand ghsoft® was done in 2002. Since then, I'm sometimes collaborating with employees or other software companies.

As an update for the software ”Euro Hygieneplan 98”, Henkel-Ecolab launched the projects PlanChexx and EcoChexx-Net in 2003. Both applications are accessible over the Internet for different purposes of hygiene management. It was also the starting point for the trial to provide a universal system for customers around the globe in all required languages. ECOLAB Deutschland GmbH ordered the full rework in 2013 for making these application cross browser compatible on personal computers. At the moment, more than 30 countries are connected.

I was also essentially participated in a software project for BIEN-RIES AG under contract by GBT-GROUP GmbH in the period from 2005 to 2020. It became a passion to create easy to use building blocks for the heavily complex German Building Industry.

By an order from Ecolab Europe GmbH in 2009, I started with the development of another international software which served over 30 countries. This system was based on tablet devices for capturing data and a central server system for analysis and data forwarding.

Over the last Years, I took the opportunity to gain a lot new Industry Knowledge for a complete new development. This project is about ”Product Labelling”: development, design and production of Ecolab product labels. A huge amount of background knowledge is required to get all necessary information and legal regulations together into a database. Since 2016, I attend the department ”GLOBAL SPECIFICATION SYSTEM EMEA” of Ecolab Deutschland GmbH in order to build up several cloud-based services. Goal is to cover the entire process from development to distribution of product labels.

My current topic is "Medical Device Regulation" (MDR) and data processing for the EUDAMED system of the European Commission.

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Last update: February 2023